The Barefoot Beekeeper (4th Edition)

beekeeping for everyone

If you have thought about taking up beekeeping but are put off by the start-up costs and complicated equipment, this is the book for you! Barefoot beekeeping is about simple, low-cost, sustainable, natural beekeeping in top bar hives with no heavy lifting.

The Barefoot Beekeeper is a revolutionary book about sustainable, chemical-free, natural beekeeping, showing how it can be simplified and made accessible to all, including people with disabilities, as no heavy lifting is required.

The author strips away all complications and confusion, demonstrating that 'modern' beekeeping methods are largely to blame for the poor state of health of the honeybee and that the commercialization of beekeeping marked the start of the disease and parasite problems that honeybees have been trying to deal with ever since.

Phil Chandler advocates small-scale, low-impact beekeeping, with minimal disturbance to the bees and more time spent observing and learning from them. This book shows how you can make everything you need to keep bees yourself, using recycled materials and simple tools: you do not need to buy any additional equipment at all, nor do you need synthetic medications or other chemicals.

This is beekeeping for everyone.

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